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Format Conversion Services

The simple fact is, if your memories are not in a digital format, they are fading away. The best way to ensure that you and future generations can enjoy them for years to come is to convert them into a digital format. They then become stable, secure, and easily transferred from medium to medium without any loss in quality.

Foto-Phix offers a wide variety of conversion services to suite your needs!

Do you have precious videos on VHS, VHSc or Mini DV Tape?

What about audio tracks on cassette or vinyl?

The sad reality is these formats are not keeping your memories safe and can easily be damaged or degrade over time taking your memories with them. Foto-Phix can safely preserve your videos in a digital or DVD/CD format ensuring safe storage of your media.


(minimum $24.00 order)

Records: 45s $4.00 each

33 1/3 records $12.00 each

Cassette: $12.00/h of tape


(minimum 2 hour charge)

Mini DV Tape: $20/60min

8mm Tape: $30/120min

Digital  8 Tape: $20/60min or $30/120min

Hi8 Tape: $30/120min

VHSC Tape: $15/30min

VHS Tape: $30/2-4hr or $45/<4hr

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